Redefine your digital presence with a single platform!


Skille creates a harmony between those looking to grow their network and those looking to get paid for their talent.


A Skille Card is your new favorite virtual business card.

The Skille Card goes way beyond the scope of a traditional one. Gone are the days where you were looking for one everywhere to give someone only to miss out on a potential opportunity.

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Everything needed to invoice your clients!

Send and keep track of all your invoices with ease. Skille allows you to accept payments securely from clients so you can make sure you get paid for your skills.

Easily save Skille Cards for future reference.

With the Skille Wallet you can easily save any Skille Card that you’d like. Making it seamless to keep track of all the individuals you meet or wish to connect with. Say goodbye to that drawer full of business cards and stay organized with the Skille Wallet.


We're a mission driven company.

We created Skille to simplify how people network with each other. Empowering users to create a unique digital presence that makes an impact. However, Skille goes beyond the scope of this platform. We also want make a difference with social issues. Helping to aid those who are homeless or in need as well as veterans readjusting to society.

Let us know what you want.
We believe in building a platform for the people by the people. That said let us know what features you would like to see on Skille as we continue to work hard providing you the best user expierence.
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